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Start With The End In Mind

By August 22, 2019August 29th, 2019No Comments
Imagine we lived in a world where everything was connected. Where the choices you made in one area had a direct impact on other areas of your life. In such a world, the food you ate, how you looked after body, your stress management, would all have a direct impact on your business success, your relationships, and your overall happiness in life. 
Oh wait a second, this IS the world we live in!
In today’s video, you’re going to learn about why starting with the end in mind is so important to not only have success, but to achieving the main outcome of creating the life that you want.
A life that you find fulfilling and that makes you happy over the long term. 
A problem I see a lot of people make, is they try to compartmentalise most parts of their life.
They’ll make little deals with themself where they’ll say, “Once I’ve had X amount of success in business, finance, etc, I will then start looking after my health and my relationships.” 
And they put really important areas of their life on the back burner until they’ve got more time. 
So the excuses, or their reasoning is, I don’t have enough time right now to focus on relationships, or health because I’m so driven, so ambitious and working towards these money goals or success goals. 
I have fell into this category many times myself and it’s something I have to be very wary of. I’ve finally realised that going all-in on one area, such as having success in my career, at the costs of other areas which I know later down the line are going to be so important to me, is always a mistake.
If you find a way to actually put more time into your relationships, look after your health more, it’s going to increase your trajectory, increase your likelihood of having your success in business and in life. 
You need to realise that these things aren’t mutually exclusive, you don’t sacrifice one in order to get more of the other. 
In fact it’s the opposite. By looking after the things that you value most, they’re going to make you feel happier, energized, and able to perform at your best for longer than just going all in with one thing. 
What ambitious, driven people often do is they will go so all-in with their career or business, thinking everything else is going to have to wait because they don’t have the time right now. 
That’s almost always a mistake because it’s going to lead you to burnout. 
And if you do have success by going full one-dimensional, what’s the end result? 
You’ve now got broken relationships, and health problems that you need to fix. 
Let’s say your all-in approach works and you manage to achieve all these business and financial goals. Now what? 
Now the rest of your life’s broken. Is this really what you wanted?
What would have been different if you had’ve started with the end in mind?
If I asked you, “where do you want to end up 20, 30 years from now?”
Even though you might not know the specifics, you’ll most likely say, “I want good relationships, I want to be healthy, and I want to be in a good financial or business position, to be successful”.
So success, finances, health, and relationships. 
We all know that intuitively, that’s where you want to end up, but sometimes we’ll sacrifice two of them to get more of one of them. 
And I feel it’s a massive mistake, and that everyone should be trying to call cultivate a life, which has a combination of all of them at all times. 
Now you’re going to go out of sync sometimes, this is normal. 
You might have to push harder on business for a few months and as a result you don’t exercise as frequently.
It’s going to be like ebbs and flows, but you’ve got to have them all in mind to begin with and get back in alignment before you drift too far out of balance.
So the new model that I propose you should follow, is to find a way to balance your life so that relationship’s are always taken care of, your health is taken care of, and they’re actually trajecting you at a faster pace towards your goals.
To find a systemized way to approach your life in which looking after the things you’re going to value 10, 20 years from now are already taken care of, and they’re actually fueling you.
They’re fueling your main goal, their fueling your ambitious drives. They’re fuelling you to get to the success you want.
If you want to achieve big outcomes in life, you’ve got to realize life is a marathon, not a sprint. 
How can you run a marathon if you’re not healthy? How can you run a marathon if you’re not in a good headspace? 
If you’ve got bad relationships or if you’re stressed all the time?
And if you do manage to run a marathon on those low fuels, where are you going to end up? 
What’s your life going to be like, all this money and all this success with no health and/or relationships? 
I’m so passionate about helping poker players to pick a lifestyle and create a life that is systemized, that gets you to your goals, but that doesn’t sacrifice the things that you’re going to value the most at the end of the day.
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