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Now most poker players have, let’s call it, a suboptimal lifestyle at best. They spend the majority of their days at their desk, live a sedentary lifestyle and pay little attention to the food they put in their body.
As a result, they often have low energy throughout the day which makes it hard to give their all to poker or to make better life choices. But nothing in your life changes until you change your energy.
And it’s your responsibility as a professional poker player to take this job seriously.
So how do you dramatically change your energy levels?
#1:Optimise Your Diet
First of all let’s start with your diet, which is either fuelling your mind and body or depleting you of energy.
The biggest challenge poker players face with diet is that they want quick and convenient food options, which often leads to them turning to fast foods, ready meals or unhealthy snacks.
These might curb your hunger, but they have a detrimental effect on your energy levels and cognitive performance.
They have almost zero nutritional value, meaning they don’t give your mind and body the nutrients it actually needs to function optimally.
Everything you put into your body is having a positive or negative effect on your performance.
One of the things I help the players I work with is educating them on exactly what’s in the foods they eat and how to make healthier choices, that are also quick and convenient.
It’s so important that I even designed a complete GTO Diet specifically for poker pokers which I teach to the members within my Winners Edge Club.
#2:Level Up Your Exercise
The next component of lifestyle edge is exercise.
Most poker players know that they should be doing more, but they never get round to it.
Ironically they often don’t have the energy or motivation to do the very thing that will give them more energy over the long term.
So how do you combat that?
First of all, you need to make the mindset switch from having exercise as something you SHOULD do to something you MUST do.
If you are serious about reaching your poker potential, or even if you just want to feel more energised throughout the day, exercise has to be a part of your life.
The most important thing is that you do something.
See exercise as having 3 basic levels.
  • Level 1: starting the exercise habit. 
  • Level 2: advancing your exercise habit.
  • Level 3: optimising your exercise approach for peak mental and physical performance.
This is ultimately where everyone wants to be.
It involves you combining different forms of exercise, such as strength training, interval training and endurance sessions into your week in order to capitalise on the benefits of each training method.
I share all the science behind these methods and how to implement these practices into your days with my Winners Edge Club members.
Other factors that contribute to your Lifestyle Edge are your stress management and overall life balance.
Finding ways to lower your stress, zone out from poker and have some balance in your life not only has a significant impact on your poker performance, but also leads to you living a happier and more fulfilling life.
This is one of the areas poker players find most difficult and I spend a lot of my time helping poker players to design their life in the most optimal way, that allows them to achieve their poker goals whilst enjoying the journey.
The Winners Edge Club
If this video has wet your appetite and you feel like you are ready to start working on your lifestyle edge, then you will love what we’ve got going on inside the Winners Edge Club, which you can find out about via the link below.
In the Club I have a whole lifestyle edge section in which I will walk you through exactly how to implement all the lifestyle changes you need to make to crush at the tables.
You will be joining a community of ambitious players dedicated to reaching their potential and you will have me as your coach to help you each step of the way.
My goal is to educate, inspire and hold you to a higher standard in all areas of your life.
Check it out here and thanks for reading.