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Dealing With Downswings And Taking Back Control

By August 12, 2019No Comments
All poker players have to deal with downswings and they are the making of braking of a lot of poker careers. When you are going through a poker downswing, you often feel helpless and that you are going to lose no matter what you do.
Today you will learn how to take back control during even the most brutal downswings, which will not only help you to deal with them better, but also to come out of a downswing stronger and faster.
How poker players deal with downswings is often the difference maker between those who crush at poker over those who just get by. 
One of the hardest aspects of a downswing is the feeling that you don’t have control and that you are just hoping to get a good run that has your results moving in the right direction again.
Unfortunately, focusing on your results and wishing for them to change is the WORST things you can do during a downswing.

Although you do want your results to get better, you ultimately don’t control your results which makes them a bad place to fixate your energy.
Instead, you need to zoom out to look at the bigger picture and thing things that you can directly impact.
To do this, you start by braking everything down into one of 3 areas:

#1: Things That Your Have COMPLETE Control

Some of the things that you have complete control over include your goals, your behaviours, your habits and your thoughts.
This is where you need to focus a lot of your attention during a downswing, really make sure that you are executing on the things that you have control over.
When things are going badly it’s easy to let things spiral into a full on melt down if you aren’t careful.
To avoid this you need to double down on controlling the things that you can and by making sure your daily behaviours are still in alignment with your long term goals.

#2: Things That You Have SOME Control

Then there are some things that you have some control but not complete control. 
These include your long term results, your focus, your decision making, your tilt control and your overall performance.
Although they don’t guarantee you success, forcing on these areas all have a direct impact on your future outcomes and should therefore be where you put a lot of your time and energy.
Challenge yourself to track these every day, become obsessed with your performance and completely detach yourself from your day to day results.

#3: Things That You Have NO Control

And finally, you have the thins that you have no control over, which include variance and your short term results.
Since you have no control over these areas, this is the LAST place you want to focus your time and energy, which is exactly the OPPOSITE of what most poker players do.
Focusing your attention on your short term results, especially during a downswing, leaves you feeling frustrated, helpless, angry, unjust and ultimately has a negative impact on your performance.
When you find yourself fixating on your results, this is when you really need to zoom out and focus on the areas that you have control over.
Once you are able to build the habit of doing this, not only will you be able to stay mentally strong during downswings, you’ll be putting your energy into the very things that willet you our of the downswing the fastest.
You’ll be able to stay in control and keep your performance at a high level, which is the surest way to get out of a downswing quickly.
You are always going to have to deal with downswings, variance is always going to be there, waiting to throw your life into turmoil just when you least expect it.
Learning how to overcome downswings and come out of them strongly is one of the best investments you can make to your long term poker success.
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