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Comfort vs Performance

By August 21, 2019No Comments
Today I’m going to talk about the dangers of getting stuck in your comfort zone and how that has a direct impact on your performance, and what you need to do to change it.
I’m going to start by talking about why the comfort zone comes about, share some of my own experiences with the comfort zone and I’ll end with some action steps on how you can push through it and keep optimising your performance.
Why We End Up In The Comfort Zone
“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 
― Roy T. Bennett
We all have a tendency to go into the comfort zone in everything we do. The reason for this most likely stems from our hunting and gathering days in which conserving energy was crucial to our survival. 
We are wired to try to find the path of least resistance and expend the least energy needed to get the outcomes we desire.
When you get good at something, we don’t need to try as hard to get the same results and we get into this easy, safe, familiar zone where everything feels comfortable. 
Now the danger of this is that it stunts your growth and stops you pushing on to the next level of performance.
How I Got Stuck In The Comfort Zone
I first noticed this myself in my poker career. Originally when I started to grind, I was super motivated and I couldn’t not grind enough. 
You just had to put me at a computer and I’d grind poker 10 hours a day. Naively, I thought that was going to last forever. Then I got to a point where I had five figures in the bank, I had a good lifestyle and I started noticing that my motivation for long grinding sessions was wavering. 
Soon I didn’t feel as motivated to grind. For the first time in my life I didn’t have to make money to  cover my living costs and pay my bills. And I noticed a very big shift that all of a sudden I started feeling really comfortable in my lifestyle.
As a result of that, my performance started to drop off. My grinding hours went down, I stopped trying to move up buy-ins and progress any further. There had been a massive shift in my motivation, I’d plateaued and arrived slap bang in the middle of my comfort zone. 
When I got Into poker I was motivated by making money, changing my lifestyle and being able to do what I wanted financially. When I started to have a little bit of success, subconsciously I got really comfortable and I switched off and stopped pushing.
To get past that comfort zone, I had to set new goals, bigger targets, ones around striving for success rather than just surviving. Over time I was able to push myself out of the comfort zone and set new challenges for myself that allowed me to keep on growing. 
3 Steps To Breaking Our Of Your Comfort Zone
The way I look at life is that things are very rarely standing still. They’re either going upwards or they’re going downwards. When you get into the comfort zone, you feel like you’re maintaining, but in reality, you’re on a slippy slope going down. 
#1: Self-Awareness
So you’ve got to identify where in your life are you taking the easy options or where has the comfort zone taken over? Because we all do it. We all fall into the comfort zone in various areas of our life.
Your goal is to identify some areas in your life where you’ve went into the comfort zone and then to push yourself out of them. So right now, think of an area where you’re living comfortably. 
Is it with your health? 
Is it with your finances? 
Is it with your business?  
Where in your life are you taking the easy option and where have you settled for what you have?
#2: Set A Challenge 
Now pick one of those areas and set yourself a new challenge. A new challenge that’s going to engage and motivate you to push you out of that comfort zone. 
Think of something that stimulates you. 
It could be a financial goal.
It could be losing X amount of weight. 
Putting on X amount of muscle.
Making X amount of money.
Anything that stimulates you and gets you excited. A challenge that’s going to push you beyond what you’ve done in the past 
#3: Keep Score

The final thing you need to do is keep score. What gets measured gets improved. So you need to realise that if you’re setting a challenge for yourself, everyday it’s crucial that you keep score. That’s going to make you continue to make progress and stop you switching off. 

When we make progress in a certain area, we generally take it for granted that it’s always going to keep progressing and we take our eye off the ball. We hit a comfort zone and our performance starts to suffer.
So remind yourself that you always need to be improving. Set yourself a challenge and keep score. Realise that as soon as you think you’ve had success in an area, as soon as you think you’ve arrived, that’s when you start to lose. 
Pay attention to the areas in your life right now where you’re on the comfort zone. I know as I’m writing this I’m thinking, “Yeah, there’s a few areas right now where I’m still my comfort zone. I’m chilling, I’m relaxing. I can take on new challenges.” 
Don’t overwhelm yourself. Don’t take on too much too quickly. Identify one key area right now where you’re clearly in your comfort zone.
And by comfort zone, it’s often an area of your life in which you have had some success in the past. But you know that you have at least two or three more levels to go. 
That’s your comfort zone. That’s where you need to challenge yourself. Think of something that inspires you or something that pushes you to get out of it. Set yourself a challenge and go for it.
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Thanks for reading and I look forward to helping you achieve your poker goals.