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Mental Edge

Discover how to control your tilt, increase your focus and develop a mindset that has you crushing at the poker tables.

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Performance Edge

Achieve all your poker goals by learning how to get the best out of yourself and developing the habits and routines of a winner.

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Lifestyle Edge

Learn how to optimise your life off the poker tables to have you feeling energised and able to play your A game every session.

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What is the Winners Edge about?

Poker is more than just a strategy game. To succeed over the long term you need to become a high performer both on and off the tables. Winners Edge was created to show you how to do exactly that.


Your daily habits are the key to your success and achieving your poker goals.


A strong mindset will allow you to handle every challenge poker throws at you.


A healthy mind and body allows you to perform at your best each and every day.

What have people said?

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Adam showed me how to get my life and poker in alignment and how to create simple systems that always keep me on track. The changes have been amazing. Also pushing for new limits is something Adam did so well and I would love to keep that going.

Oskars Grivs$100 Spin & Go Regular

Before working with Adam I had problems with tilt, mindset issues, lack of discipline and lack of volume. Since joining the program I've been able to structure my days better now, and put in way much more hours into both poker and real-life stuff which is amazing.

Tom$200 NL Zoom Regular

When I reaching out to Adam for coaching, I was struggling to put in volume, anxious to put in sessions incase I lost money and not know ing where to turn to be honest. After working with Adam and building a strong mindset, I now enjoy sitting down to play. I’ve been crushing my volume goals and downswings no longer hurt me. I know if I can keep my mindset strong I will achieve all my poker goals.

Skandar YunesFormer $60 Spin & Go Regular (now crushing $100s)

Before joining the Winners Edge Club, I had no clarity on where I wanted to go. I know now what I want to achieve and how to break my goals down monthly, weekly and daily goals that I can aim for.

Garry CahillMTT Regular

The masterclasses are such high value honestly. I got a lot of things settled with yesterday's masterclass, and I'm really looking forward to the next one. Thanks for providing such awesome opportunities.

AndreasNL $25 Regular
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Our Winners Edge Club

The Winner’s Edge Club is a coaching platform for poker players who are wanting to take all areas of their life to the next level. You will learn how to optimise your habits, build a bulletproof mindset and create a lifestyle that has your thriving both on and off the tables. And you’ll be joining a community of ambition players who are there to help and support you every step of the way.

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Our Founder

Adam Carmichael

Adam is a former high stakes heads up sit & go regular, turned mindset and performance coach, and the founder of the Winners Edge movement. 

Over the past two years he has worked with hundreds of poker players around the world, helping them to optimise their lives and achieve their poker goals. He uses his unique background in human psychology, exercise science and peak performance, coupled with 6 years in the trenches grinding, to give players an all round strategy for optimising their life and crushing their goals. 

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